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If you are a true-blooded millennial, we are pretty sure that you have seen how Facebook had evolved in the last decade and how it is quickly shaping the world we live in today. We bet that you have witnessed how millions of people got addicted to Farmville, a simulation game which can only be played through the platform, not to mention the Facebook reactions – which is an extended version of the iconic ‘like’ button. I’m pretty sure that you are one of the netizens who freaked out when Facebook released ‘Facebook day’, a feature which is very much similar to the function of its competitor, Snapchat. God knows how our worlds turnaround whenever Facebook update its website or app and reinvent itself all over again. However, the big question is – Is Facebook still the way to go? Clearly, our answer is yes, but why not try some other platforms that might be more fitting for you or your business?

If you are an artist or your business is related to design, DeviantArt and Behance might be the perfect social networking site for you. Both platforms allow various entities across the globe to showcase their masterpieces and at the same time discover the works of others.

Are your audiences into music? Do they just love it when their followers online share their video singing Bruno Mars’ Versace on the Floor? Well, we highly recommend SoundCloud for you. SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets your target audience listen to their favorite independent bands, singers or music in general and at the same time allows them to showcase their own, so if you found your audience and have built a certain following online, might as well start rethinking your Facebook efforts and budget allocation! Who knows? You might just get the popularity that you have always wanted for your business in this platform.

There’s no denying that millennials love to project a particular personality in their respective social media feeds. That is why curated or themed feeds are totally a thing right now. If you are one of the businesses which are open enough to follow trends in design, speak the language of the millennial generation and is willing to adapt based on the ever-changing needs of their audience, welcome to the club. Instagram is for you. From the common sharing of a photo, this platform now has an ‘Instagram story’ feature which enables its users to not just share photos but also post videos as well that will disappear in their account after 24 hours. Similar to Facebook, this platform consistently innovates, thus creating significant opportunities for businesses.

Depending on the nature of your business and the kind of audience you want to tap, there’s definitely that ‘one’ platform tailored fit for you other than Facebook. For film enthusiasts we have IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, if you’re looking for human resources or would like to gain connections then sign up on LinkedIn; if your focus is forums, Reddit and Quora are more than ready to accommodate you.
There are a lot more out websites and social media platforms out there that you can explore, but what’s more important is clearly defining your objectives first and knowing who your audiences are.