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How Does Disney Keep Staying On Top?

How Does Disney Keep Staying On Top?

The world of Disney is truly magical. This brand that has become so massive and synonymous with children’s entertainment is truly legendary. It is a matter of utter genius to think up magic and then create it so that it becomes tangible for others to consume. And in this case, the consumers are not only children but adults as well.


The Genesis of the Disney Brand

The Walt Disney Company is a diversified, multinational, mass media and entertainment conglomerate. The headquarters of Disneyland is located in Burbank, California. It was founded on 16 Oct 1923.

It was established by two Disney Brothers, Walt Disney, and Roy Disney; both quickly rose to become the leaders in the American animation industry.


How Disney Stays on Top

The secrets of Disney world staying on top of their game in the animation industry lies in their ability to reach the fiber that is love, friendship, laughter, magic, inspiration and everything right found in humanity, through animated characters.

Disney does that to perfection. To be precise, Disney World discovered how to “bring out your child – like happiness!”


The Diversification Plan

Even after rocking the world in the animation industry, Disney world retains the top dog position through creating branches in other sectors of entertainment.

It expanded its operations by starting divisions focused on other branches of entertainment hence further widening its consumer base.

  •    Theater
  •    Radio
  •    Music
  •    Publishing
  •    Online Media

They created corporate groups to market more mature content that is associated with its flagship family-oriented brand, this ingeniously expanded their consumer base further and to new demographics across several categories.

Disney’s main divisions

  •    Walt Disney Studio
  •    Walt Disney Parks and Resorts  (Visiting a Disney park and staying in one of the best Disney world moderate resort like Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter and Disney’s Coronado Springs resort, should be on everyone’s bucket list.)
  •    Disney Media Networks
  •    Disney consumer products and Interactive Media

When it comes to revenue, Walt Disney Production is the second largest media conglomerate and a component of the Dow Jones industrial average since 1991. The Disney world’s Midas touch that keeps them on top and keeps you coming for more.


The Prolific Members of Disney World

These are some of the characters that entered our living rooms and have remained forever in our hearts.

Mickey Mouse: Created by Walt Disney and UbIwerks in 1928, Mickey Mouse is an icon and a character well – loved all over the world by kids and surprisingly adults as well. He is by far the most popular and rightly so. He is also the official mascot of the Walt Disney Company.

Donald Duck: Donald was created in 1934 by Walt Disney Productions. The funniest duck with the coolest voice has not ceased to endear himself to children and adults alike to this day.

Goofy: A creation of Walt Disney production in 1932, this tall, lovable, funny and clumsy dog with a southern drawl cannot leave you without a laugh. He is just so adorable that children and adults can’t resist his charm. Let’s not forget Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Pluto and other well-loved characters.



Soon, you’ll realize that the world is a much better and happier place, thanks to the Disney brothers. Their curious, childlike imagination and artistic abilities gave birth to one of the most respected companies of all time. The Disney brothers’ vision has kept the Disney brand at the top of their game for several years and will continue to do so for generations to come.