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Using New Methods To Reach Your Audience

If you are in business you know marketing to your audience can be quite tricky. If you use the wrong marketing methods, you can never earn a single sale. When I was doing business a couple of years ago, I used different methods, some were traditional and some were a bit new. At first, I was apprehensive to try new methods because I was afraid that it would just be a waste of money and time. Besides, why try new ways when there are proven and tested traditional means of marketing?

When I did my research, I realised that you need to learn to adjust and adapt to the changing times. Just because something worked ten years ago does not mean it could still apply today. When I used traditional marketing to help me sell my signature bags I literally visited printing stores all over the city and asked them to layout and create brochures for me, which I intended to hand over to strangers on the street. I did that for a month and guess what? The money I invested for those print ads and brochures plus add to that the time I used spent on the streets handing glossy ads to complete strangers were a total waste. I only got three visitors in 30 days! My investment wasn’t worth it. After that misfortune and after wasting hundreds of dollars over methods that didn’t work, I took a risk and used new methods to reach my audience. Finally, after a dozen trial and error methods, I found out what really worked and here they are.


Find Out Who Your Target Market Is And Use A Bait

If you are selling top backpack for Disney like I did, for example, you can use a tricky and catchy bait so that your target market will click on your blog post or website and discover what you have in store for them. When I was selling backpacks for Disney I created a blog post (SEO optimised, of course) and included Disney world rumors. In just a few months after the blog post went live, customers were making orders for Disney backpacks and all bags got sold in less than a few months.


Know What Your Target Market Wants

Knowing what your target market wants is really helpful because then you can find other subtle ways to market to them. For instance, if your target market comprises teenage girls aged 13-19, you can utilize content marketing and include celebrity and fashion news to get their attention or use videos such us makeup tutorial videos on YouTube. In that way, if they see that you are constantly supplying content, videos and graphics they can relate to, they will subscribe to you and eventually buy from you.


Offer Promotions And Sales

Everyone loves bundled packages, promotions and sales. If you think you have the funds to do it, then go ahead and do it! It’s one of the most effective ways to get customers and reach your audience. You can incorporate this marketing strategy to your business plan every once in awhile or during peak seasons.

There you have it, the new methods that are proven to reach your audience

How The Men’s Grooming is Changing Market?

How The Men’s Grooming is Changing Market?

Did you know that men’s grooming has already become a billion dollar business? If you were unaware of this fact, then I am going to reveal the boom that men’s grooming industry is experiencing from the last 45 years. You’ll be surprised to know that men’s grooming and beauty products sale increased up to 300% in 2015. The other positive side of this picture is that businesses are growing rapidly making the men’s grooming industry flourish more than ever. Men’s grooming is changing the market at a very rapid pace.

Since 2013, people are spending more money on male-specific toiletries such as the electric shaver. The usage of electric shavers is increasing in every demographic from teenage guys to adult men, and because of that, there are plenty of electric shaver reviews that claim that men are increasing its use.


How Are Businesses Being Changed Due To Men’s Grooming?

Companies are also changing exponentially in male-specific grooming products. Let’s have a look at how businesses are changing their strategies and their qualities according to this booming industry.


Increase in Online Sales

Since the boom in the industry, many corporate introduced online sales of their products. An online sale of shaving products of men has been witnessed up to 830 US million dollars in 2016. It was a rise of 30% in just one year.

For Example, Proctor & Gamble introduced the online sale of the best safety razor. Proctor & Gamble saw a rise of 26% in their sales for their best selling safety razors.


Increase in the Sale of Disposable Products

It has been observed that companies are making more disposable products. It means that men think that their shaving products are expired after some time. Electric shaver reviews have suggested that shaving machines and the razors should be for short term because new products are coming in the market at a rapid pace and, after some time, men prefer for the new products.

A glaring example is of Gillette’s best safety razor. Gillette experienced a decline in the sale of their best safety razors, and they found an increase in the sale of Gillette Mach 3 Turbo razor. The company found that men are proffering the disposable item more.


Increased in Competition

Since the boom in the male grooming industry, competition among the companies has been increased significantly. There are tons of local brands that are entering into the men’s grooming industry. Due to the introduction of local brands, the quality of the products is also coming down. Many electric shave reviews have depicted that people find the electric shave machines of low quality.


Top Quality Products

Despite the fact that some local brands produce low-quality products, there are the sound brands that focus on the top quality products. For example, Unilever changed the quality of their electric shavers. Electric shaver reviews of Unilever suggest that they are the best electric shaver producing company at the moment.


Low Price

Due to the increased competition, the prices of the male toiletries have come down significantly. Businesses are cutting down their prices just to increase their sales. Hence, the above-given points are the major impacts that men’s grooming industry is having on the business.



Men’s grooming industry is growing exponentially and it is also changing the traditional market that is dealing with male-specific toiletries. According to experts, the sale of men oriented products will rise to 3.3 billion US dollars in 2021.

Cutting Edge Ways To Reach Your Audience in 2017

Cutting Edge Ways To Reach Your Audience in 2017

Marketing strategies have evolved through time, as many brands are now able to reach specific audiences. Recently, the integration of online marketing as part of a firm’s marketing strategy has enabled the formulation of cutting edge ways to reach your audience in 2017.

In consequence, social media advertising, coupled with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, have been becoming prominent with a lot of brands; in fact, online marketing strategies are now estimated to be a multi-million dollar industry which has successfully penetrated the consumer market.

Reaching a brand’s audience has become more efficient than ever since cutting-edge ways to do so are now coupled with the traditional methods. What is meant by reaching the target market? Is it important to know how to reach target customers? These questions will be answered and will be discussed in this article.

reach out your customers using social media and other networking platforms

Importance Of Knowing How to Reach Target Customers

As we talk about the cutting edge ways to reach your audience in 2017, we must first briefly review the basics of marketing your brand. Normally, traditional marketing strategies can be dueling (especially if you are extensively printing print ads) for your marketing team with your target market. Today, there are innovations added to the existing strategies which can help with expanding your brand’s visibility. It is important for enterprises to increase the percentage of visibility of their products or services.

Ways To Reach Your Audience in 2017

The establishment of the foundation of how to reach target customers in 2017 is achieved through four simple steps which are similar to how to target customers for business:

1. Target Market – you should identify the demographics of your brand. If you are in the moving business then it would be important to know other keywords to market people at, some keywords like “boston piano movers“, “jersey piano movers” and more variations than just “piano movers”. Doing so will help you formulate solutions to problems with ineffective strategies and at the same time formulate a new design to reach them more efficiently. So for instance if you were wanting to reach a demo that was all about hunting and knives you could write a piece of content about the best defense knives of 2017 and/or the best out the front knife reviews.

2. Strategize – technology has enabled a new era of marketing. Your brand should take advantage of the digital age, especially since most audiences are avid users of the internet. In relation to knowing the demographics of your audience, a good example would be if your market is mainly composed of Gen X or Millennials, then you should concentrate on using social media to reach them.

3. Connect – once you have defined your audience and you have formulated strategies to reach them (and started enacting them as well), you have to connect with your audience. Know what topics they are passionate about and use them as your ground to enter the market and get their sympathy.

4. Engage – Once you have established a connection, engaging with your audiences is a must. Make announcements in social media, or you may also create a live conference with your audience (now that Facebook live and snap chat are becoming popular). This can help you showcase your products without the advanced technical hassles. You may also join a Facebook group which is relevant to your brand and see what your audiences are talking about through posts and comments.

 reaching your audience through digital marketing improves sales and profit

Learn How to Reach Target Customers for a Boost in Sales

Targeting your audience in 2017 has been made easier with the recent innovations. Annual releases of marketing journals should be subscribed to if your enterprise or your brand wants to experience a surge in market visibility (and hopefully, sales as well!).