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How The Men’s Grooming is Changing Market?

Did you know that men’s grooming has already become a billion dollar business? If you were unaware of this fact, then I am going to reveal the boom that men’s grooming industry is experiencing from the last 45 years. You’ll be surprised to know that men’s grooming and beauty products sale increased up to 300% in 2015. The other positive side of this picture is that businesses are growing rapidly making the men’s grooming industry flourish more than ever. Men’s grooming is changing the market at a very rapid pace.

Since 2013, people are spending more money on male-specific toiletries such as the electric shaver. The usage of electric shavers is increasing in every demographic from teenage guys to adult men, and because of that, there are plenty of electric shaver reviews that claim that men are increasing its use.


How Are Businesses Being Changed Due To Men’s Grooming?

Companies are also changing exponentially in male-specific grooming products. Let’s have a look at how businesses are changing their strategies and their qualities according to this booming industry.


Increase in Online Sales

Since the boom in the industry, many corporate introduced online sales of their products. An online sale of shaving products of men has been witnessed up to 830 US million dollars in 2016. It was a rise of 30% in just one year.

For Example, Proctor & Gamble introduced the online sale of the best safety razor. Proctor & Gamble saw a rise of 26% in their sales for their best selling safety razors.


Increase in the Sale of Disposable Products

It has been observed that companies are making more disposable products. It means that men think that their shaving products are expired after some time. Electric shaver reviews have suggested that shaving machines and the razors should be for short term because new products are coming in the market at a rapid pace and, after some time, men prefer for the new products.

A glaring example is of Gillette’s best safety razor. Gillette experienced a decline in the sale of their best safety razors, and they found an increase in the sale of Gillette Mach 3 Turbo razor. The company found that men are proffering the disposable item more.


Increased in Competition

Since the boom in the male grooming industry, competition among the companies has been increased significantly. There are tons of local brands that are entering into the men’s grooming industry. Due to the introduction of local brands, the quality of the products is also coming down. Many electric shave reviews have depicted that people find the electric shave machines of low quality.


Top Quality Products

Despite the fact that some local brands produce low-quality products, there are the sound brands that focus on the top quality products. For example, Unilever changed the quality of their electric shavers. Electric shaver reviews of Unilever suggest that they are the best electric shaver producing company at the moment.


Low Price

Due to the increased competition, the prices of the male toiletries have come down significantly. Businesses are cutting down their prices just to increase their sales. Hence, the above-given points are the major impacts that men’s grooming industry is having on the business.



Men’s grooming industry is growing exponentially and it is also changing the traditional market that is dealing with male-specific toiletries. According to experts, the sale of men oriented products will rise to 3.3 billion US dollars in 2021.

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