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Using New Methods To Reach Your Audience

If you are in business you know marketing to your audience can be quite tricky. If you use the wrong marketing methods, you can never earn a single sale. When I was doing business a couple of years ago, I used different methods, some were traditional and some were a bit new. At first, I was apprehensive to try new methods because I was afraid that it would just be a waste of money and time. Besides, why try new ways when there are proven and tested traditional means of marketing?

When I did my research, I realised that you need to learn to adjust and adapt to the changing times. Just because something worked ten years ago does not mean it could still apply today. When I used traditional marketing to help me sell my signature bags I literally visited printing stores all over the city and asked them to layout and create brochures for me, which I intended to hand over to strangers on the street. I did that for a month and guess what? The money I invested for those print ads and brochures plus add to that the time I used spent on the streets handing glossy ads to complete strangers were a total waste. I only got three visitors in 30 days! My investment wasn’t worth it. After that misfortune and after wasting hundreds of dollars over methods that didn’t work, I took a risk and used new methods to reach my audience. Finally, after a dozen trial and error methods, I found out what really worked and here they are.


Find Out Who Your Target Market Is And Use A Bait

If you are selling top backpack for Disney like I did, for example, you can use a tricky and catchy bait so that your target market will click on your blog post or website and discover what you have in store for them. When I was selling backpacks for Disney I created a blog post (SEO optimised, of course) and included Disney world rumors. In just a few months after the blog post went live, customers were making orders for Disney backpacks and all bags got sold in less than a few months.


Know What Your Target Market Wants

Knowing what your target market wants is really helpful because then you can find other subtle ways to market to them. For instance, if your target market comprises teenage girls aged 13-19, you can utilize content marketing and include celebrity and fashion news to get their attention or use videos such us makeup tutorial videos on YouTube. In that way, if they see that you are constantly supplying content, videos and graphics they can relate to, they will subscribe to you and eventually buy from you.


Offer Promotions And Sales

Everyone loves bundled packages, promotions and sales. If you think you have the funds to do it, then go ahead and do it! It’s one of the most effective ways to get customers and reach your audience. You can incorporate this marketing strategy to your business plan every once in awhile or during peak seasons.

There you have it, the new methods that are proven to reach your audience

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